MTH 157 Ch. 12 Checkpoint

MTH 157 Ch. 12 Checkpoint - 22.) 30.) 22cm 38.) the smaller...

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Ch. 12 Checkpoint Section 12.1 4.) grams 14.) 4 gallons 36.) 95 40.) 248 58.) a liter of tea; a liquid liter is 33.8 oz and a liquid quart is 32 oz 72.) 13 units 86.) I would rather pay $4/500grams; there are 1,000 grams in a kilogram and one kilogram is $9 and you can buy 1000 grams for $8 Section 12.2 4.) area 10.) 32 is the perimeter; 64 is the area 16.) 75ft area 46.) is not; the ratios change when the size of the rectangle gets smaller or larger 62.) 2m is the area Section 12.3 2.) 216ft 6.) 864in 8.) 600cm 12.) 96cm
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Unformatted text preview: 22.) 30.) 22cm 38.) the smaller box is the better buy; if there is a 2:3 ratio and the price is 2.50/4, you will have 2 boxes of cereal for $5. One standard that relates to the content that was covered this week comes from grades prek-8. Students use body size and measurements to relate to measuring objects in the classroom. The other standard comes from grades 6-8, where students can use models to make comparisons to dimensions of solids on their volume and surface area....
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