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EE362 Homework 6 due May 3 - i Electromechanical torque ii...

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EE 362 Homework 6 due May 3, 2010 1. Show that the induced stator voltage per phase of a 3-phase induction machine is given by E 1 = 4,44 (k ws . N s ) f ( A B ˆ 1 ) Where, k ws – winding factor of stator phase N s – actual number of series turns in each stator phase f – stator frequency - peak value of the space fundamental component of air-gap flux-density. A – pole area 2. Derive the following expressions for a 3- phase induction motors
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Unformatted text preview: i. Electromechanical torque, ii. Rotor current, iii. Air-gap power, iv. Internal mechanical power (Gross mechanical output power), v. Starting torque and current, vi. Maximum torque and corresponding slip, vii. Maximum internal power and corresponding slip, viii. Approximate efficiency, η (1- s)...
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