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EE362Homework 1 22March2010 - c Draw the MMF diagram at ϖ...

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MIDDLE EAST TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT EE 362 Homework 1 Date: 22.03.2010 Due: 29 March 2010. Please drop your homework in the homework box in the electrical machines lab until 17:00 Q.1. Consider a 24 slot 4-pole stator. A 5/6 pitched winding of N turns/phase will be placed in the slots. The phase currents are; I A = I.cos ϖ t ; I B = I.cos( ϖ t- 3 2 π ); I C = I.cos( ϖ t- 3 4 π ) Assuming that the frequency of the supply is 50Hz; a) Draw winding diagram of this motor. b) Draw the MMF diagram for phase A when phase current is I and other phases have no current.
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Unformatted text preview: c) Draw the MMF diagram at ϖ t =0; when all three phases are excited by balanced 3-phase currents. Compare the MMF diagram you obtain with what you found in (b). Comment on the magnitude and phase of the two waveforms. d) Draw the MMF diagram if the resultant magnetic field is shifted by 60 electrical degrees. i. determine phase currents for this condition j. Determine the mechanical angle by which the resultant magnetic field axis moved as compared to (c). k. Comment on the MMF shapes obtained for (c) and (d) Please prepare eligible drawings....
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