Exam+1+Fall+07 - 6 xu'rr\ : fq\ I. (20 poinis) 0 -7 Name...

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6xu'rr \ :fq\\ 0-7 Name Page I (20 poinis) The molecule shown below (Compound NNO) can be used to create plastics that release small amounrs of NO into the blood steam, which Fevents clotting. fol instance, on mEdiral devi.is that are implarted dudng surgery (Otg. Izt. 20M, 9 . 3409\. Understanding the acturl sBucture of Compound NNO lequires a set of four reso.raice situc!.ues (all abms closed shel, aI fordral atomic charges -1, 0, +1). Use complete Lewis stru€tures. showing all atoms. bonds, non-bonding electron (a) Draw the other tb@ resomnce structures for Compountl NNO that meet these criteria. ,Q-,o Compound NNO c. B. Cyanogen chloride is a iow boiling colorless gas whose connectiviry is Cl CN. This compund is quite toxic, and was considered for use in chemical warfa.e because of its ability to cause injwy to the eyes. nos€, tlroat, and lungs. Even relatively small exposures can be f.tal. Cyanog€n chla{ide is prepared by the reaction between chlorine gas and sodiun cyanide (see below). Using rhe curved-anow convention. provide the arrows that describe the connectivity changeG) for the left-to-ight reaction. + oo t{. ' /--Nl ' ..@ +!C|-FN!*Na 3 G.07.210Elpl) I. '/T H-t\ -c.H n'f^H o.o;N-Y, - (b) wlich of these 4 resonance forms is the most signficant cootributor to the ovemll structure of the actual {c) Considering the analysis of these reso[a-uce fo1ms ti,r you have done for paft (b), circle tbe atom in dris molecule rhat would be prctonated most readily when trefied with a w}en lhe reacooo ro pnpare cyanogen chloride ,' carried out. atr isomeric by-product caled an isocyanide is fon&d. The connectivity fof the isocyanide is CINC. Provide rhe complere k\l'is structure (codaining aU closed shell atoms,
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Exam+1+Fall+07 - 6 xu'rr\ : fq\ I. (20 poinis) 0 -7 Name...

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