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Exam 3 -- Winter 2009 -- Blank

Exam 3 -- Winter 2009 -- Blank - Chemistry 210 Third...

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Chemistry 210 PRINTED Name ___________________________________ Third Examination please print clearly please print clearly April 7, 2009 Signature ________________________________ (1.5 hr; 140 points) ID No. _______________________ Please CHECK OFF your laboratory section, OR- put “X” here if you are not in Chem 211: ____ Monday Labs: 11AM-2PM A606 110 Anna Merkle A612 111 Teng Xue A618 112 Anne Juggernauth A624 113 Tamara Brodsky A630 114 Stephanie Marcus A636 115 Ajdin Kavara A642 116 Enjun Yang A706 130 Adam Bonnington A712 131 Jin Zhang A718 132 Qihui Ni Monday Labs: 2-5PM A706 117 Becky Lahti A712 118 Bo Peng A718 119 Jing Nie A606 120 Anna Merkle A612 121 Teng Xue A618 122 Anne Juggernauth A624 123 Dan Hekman A630 124 Cai Wenyi A642 125/126 Ramya Krishnan Wednesday Labs: 2-5PM A606 310 Sean Maxwell A612 311 Jin Zhang A618 312 Stefan Craciun A624 313 Grace Zhu A630 314 Cai Wenyi A636 315 Ajdin Kavara A642 316 Ramya Krishnan A706 324 Rachel Brody A712 321 Bo Peng A718 322 Quihi Ni A724 323 Jing Nie Prob Pts Score GSI I 27 \___ _/ _____ II 26 \___ _/ _____ III 33 \___ __/ _____ IV 26 \___ __/ _____ V 28 \___ __/ _____ Total 140 \____ / _____ Please read each question carefully and answer it completely and clearly. Complete Lewis structures are acceptable for answers unless you are given other specific instructions. Precision in drawing is an important skill. Double-check any three-dimensional representations to ensure you are implying an unequivocal direction of bonding. Do not forget to include important features such as nonbonding lone electron pairs and formal charges when appropriate. Individual point values are given in the corner of each answer space. The exam has 6 pages in addition to this cover page. A pK a table is on the last page Be calm
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Name _______________________ Page 1 w09.ex3.p1 I. (27 points) Complete the following reactions as directed. You may assume no rearrangements occur. Show only the major organic product(s) unless otherwise specified. If a product forms as a stereoisomeric mixture, draw one and write "+enantiomer" or "+diastereomer" in the box.
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  • Chemistry, Organic reaction, compound, _______________________ Page, Anna Merkle Teng Xue Anne Juggernauth Tamara Brodsky Stephanie Marcus Ajdin Kavara Enjun Yang Adam Bonnington Jin Zhang Qihui Ni, Sean Maxwell Jin Zhang Stefan Craciun Grace Zhu Cai Wenyi Ajdin Kavara Ramya Krishnan Rachel Brody Bo Peng Quihi, Becky Lahti Bo Peng Jing Nie Anna Merkle Teng Xue Anne Juggernauth Dan Hekman

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