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Fall08FinalExamBlank - Chemistry 210 Final Examination...

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Chemistry 210 PRINTED Name ___________________________________ Final Examination please print clearly please print clearly December 12, 2008 (2.0 hr; 240 points) Signature ________________________________ ID No. _______________________ Exams will ONLY be returned by mail. After the final, exams are sent to storage and it is not possible to come and pick them up. If you wish your exam to be returned to you, you must drop off an envelope. The first mailing will be done immediately after the exam is graded. After that, the exams must be retrieved from storage, so it could take some time before receiving them. The envelope must: Be at least a 8”X11” size, not a letter envelope! Contain your full name in the address Contain your full address and a return address – both should be the same Carry sufficient postage (three first class stamps) Prob Pts Score GSI I 41 \___ _/ _____ II 40 \___ _/ _____ III 38 \___ __/ _____ IV 40 \___ __/ _____ V 38 \___ __/ _____ VI 43 \___ __/ _____ Total 240 \____ _/ _____ Complete Lewis structures are required unless you are given other specific instructions. Precision in drawing counts. Check all three-dimensional representations to ensure you are implying an unequivocal direction of bonding. Do not forget to include important features such as nonbonding lone electron pairs and formal charges when appropriate. Individual point values are given in the corner of each answer space. The exam has 6 pages in addition to this cover page. A pK a table is on the last page.
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Name _____________________ Page 1 I. (41 points) A . Melamine (C 3 H 3 N 6 ) is an industrially important chemical that is produced from the smaller precursor cyanamide. Melamine is used in the preparation of plastic materials such as formica, and has been the subject of considerable media attention in recent years, as a number of products (such as pet foods and baby formulas) originating from some foreign countries have been contaminated with this substance. Melamine was likely added to these products to increase the apparent protein content of nutritionally inferior samples, which has led to a number of illnesses and deaths. The structure of melamine is shown below. N N N N N N H H H H H H 1 2 Melamine (b) In the box above, circle the longest bond in Melamine . If there are several bonds of the same length that are longer than all others, just circle one. (a) What are the
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Fall08FinalExamBlank - Chemistry 210 Final Examination...

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