Experiment_37 - Experiment 37- Stoiciometry 2-12-10,...

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Experiment 37- Stoiciometry 2-12-10, 2-17-10 Brandon Ozment Jessie McMahon Olivia Musgrove Purpose: o The purpose of this experiment was to find the formula for the iron- containing compound formed when copper (2) sulfate reacts with pure iron. o Also to find the amount of products we were supposed to obtain. Procedure: o Place 7 grams of copper (2) sulfate in a beaker o Add about 50 mL of water to the beaker o Arrange the beaker on a ring stand o Light the Bunsen burner and place it under the beaker o Heat and stir the mixture in the beaker. Once all the crystals have dissolves, remove beaker from the heat o Add 2 grams of iron filings slowly to the hot copper sulfate solution while stirring. Record observations. o Let beaker cool for about 10-15 minutes o Decant the solution off the copper and discard of the solution o Dry the copper and determine its mass Data: o Beaker before o Beaker after o Beaker after
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experiment copper sulfate added Iron and copper sulfate heated o 146.34 grams
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Experiment_37 - Experiment 37- Stoiciometry 2-12-10,...

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