Action Verb List

Action Verb List - Skill Based Action Verbs A-B accelerated...

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Skill Based Action Verbs A-B accelerated acclimated accompanied accomplished achieved acquired acted activated actuated adapted added addressed adept adhered adjusted administered admitted adopted advanced advertised advised advocated aided aired affected alerted allocated altered amended amplified analyzed annotated answered anticipated applied appointed appraised appreciated approached approved arbitrated arranged articulated ascertained asked assembled assigned assumed assessed assisted assured attained attended attracted audited augmented authored authorized automated awarded availed balanced bargained began borrowed bought briefed brought broadened budgeted built C calculated canvassed capitalized captured cared for carried out cast cataloged categorized centralized challenged chaired changed channeled charted checked chose circulated clarified classified cleared closed coached coded co-authored cold called collaborated collated collected combined comforted commissioned committed communicated compared competed complied completed composed computed conceived conceptualized concluded condensed conducted conferred confronted consolidated constructed consulted contacted continued contracted contrasted contributed contrived controlled convened converted conveyed convinced cooperated coordinated copied corrected corresponded counseled counted created critiqued cultivated cured cut D dealt with debugged decided
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Action Verb List - Skill Based Action Verbs A-B accelerated...

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