HIst 351 - History 351 Exam#1 FORM A Part I Multiple...

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Unformatted text preview: History 351 Exam #1 FORM A Part I: Multiple Choice (25 questions x 2 points each) 1. World War I was set in motion by which event: a. Assassination of Gavrilo Princip b. Assassination of Carl von Clausewitz c. Assassination of Franz Ferdinand d. Assassination of William McKinley 2. The “Schlieffen Plan” was Germany’s plan for war against both: a. Russia and Japan b. Belgium and Holland c. United States and Great Britain d. France and Russia 3. Which of the following nations was NOT invited to Versailles: a. United States b. Great Britain c. Russia d. France 4. Germany’s World War I reparations payments were lowered by: a. The Dawes and Young Plans b. The Kellogg and Briand Plans c. The Wilson and Wilhelm Plans d. The Schlieffen Plan 5. Fascism “realized its first triumph” in: a. Germany b. USSR c. Italy d. Spain 6. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Totalitarian regimes: a. Total control of the army and state police b. Total manipulation of mass media and propaganda c. Total leadership by an elite group with one visionary head...
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HIst 351 - History 351 Exam#1 FORM A Part I Multiple...

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