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Exam 1 Rubric – WWII – Fall 2010 1. Factors that led to Hitler’s rise a. The Treaty of Versailles severely punished Germany for its actions during World War I i. Article 231, the War Guilt Clause ii. $33 billion in reparations to the Allies over 66 years iii. Loss of territories to other nations (France, Poland) iv. Reduction of the German military b. Germany and the world experience the Great Depression i. Hyperinflation of German currency ii. High unemployment in Germany iii. Germany unable/unwilling to pay reparations iv. Germans hungry for a new leader that will stand up to the West 2. Hitler’s rise a. Served as a runner in World War I, wounded during a gas attack b. Comes away from WWI obsessed with the inequality of the Treaty of Versailles and convinced that communists and Jews had contributed to Germany’s loss c. Hitler’s strengths: organizing and speaking d. Blueprint (later articulated in Mein Kampf ): 1) Reunify all Germanic people regardless of the nation that they reside in; 2) Overthrow the Weimar Republic,
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Exam%201%20Rubric%20-%20WWII%20-%20Fall%202010 - Exam 1...

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