January%2010%2c%202008 - Wundt Structuralism 2 ND major...

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Lecture 2 (January 10, 2008) History of Psychology Key components of science: observation, explanation Zeitgeist: spirit of the times History: from pre-historic to psychophysics Pre-historic Anthropomorphism Animism Magic Early philosophers Plato vs. Aristotle : Nature vs. Nurture Dark Ages Negative social climate 1 st  major decline within: St. Thomas Aquinas (reason and faith) Renaissance Open-mindedness Descartes 2 major errors Mind-body ‘I think, therefore I am’ Phrenology Political effects of phrenology Psychophysics
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Fechner : relationship between physical world and mind Set stage for 1 st  school of psychology Psychology began as science of mental life
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Unformatted text preview: Wundt Structuralism 2 ND major decline within Perky – ‘imageless thought controversy’ Functionalism Psychoanalytic Internal conflicts Humanistic Maslow Gestalt Behaviorism Pavlov and Watson 3 rd major decline within Skinner Brelands-instinctive drift-biology overrides reinforcement Cognitive Revolution – science of behavioral and mental processes MIND Decade of the brain (EEG, MRI, etc.) Bio-Psycho-SocioCultural Behavior and mind influenced by culture Evolutionary Psychology Buss and Helen Fisher Steve Gangestad Neuroscience and Theory...
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January%2010%2c%202008 - Wundt Structuralism 2 ND major...

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