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Mathematics 9b, Spring 2010 Monday/Wednesday/Friday 10:10-11 am, CHASS Interdisciplinary 1020 Book : Single Variable Calculus, 6th edition by James Stewart Owen Dearricott, Surge 228 Monday/Wednesday 11 am - 12 noon Discussions Chia-Chen Chiang 9b.62 CHASS Interdisciplinary 1006 Tuesday 8:10-9 am 9b.64 Watkins 1117 Tuesday 10:10-11 am Alex Rowell 9b.63 Pierce 2416 Tuesday 2:10-3 pm Jeff Warsinski 9b.65 Engineering-2 142 Tuesday 12:10-1 pm Content Leftovers from 9a : Derivatives of exponential, logarithmic and inverse trigonometric /hyperbolic functions. Integration : The notion the indefinite integral, area interpretation, the notion of a definite integral, the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Methods of integration : Simple substitution, integration by parts, trigonometric and hyperbolic substitution, partial fractions, improper integrals.
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Unformatted text preview: Applications : Area between curves, Cavalieris principle, volumes of revolution, the notion of work, the integral version of the Mean Value Theorem. Assessment breakdown WebAssign homework 10% In discussion quizzes 10% In class Midterm Monday, April 26 30% Final Friday, June 11, 8-11am 50% Disclaimer The University accepts few reasons for nonattendance of examinations. Beyond serious documented medical reasons these are limited to religious observance, interviews for scholarships and participation in intercollegiate sports. Arrangements for alternative sitting times must be made with the instructor in the first two weeks of term....
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