HW 8 - the magnetic(dia vs para properties of the...

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1 (0.5 points each) In sketches always include all hydrogen atoms and lone pairs. Which of the following bonds is the most polar? A) C–O B) C–F C) C–N D) C–H E) They are all nonpolar. Sketch Acetone Molecules with –O-H group are called: A) alkanes B) aldehydes C) alcohols D) amines E) none of above Strongly polar covalent bonds lead ____ to polar molecules: A) never B) rarely C) commonly D) always What is the geometry of the bonds surrounding each carbon atom in ethene ? A) tetrahedral B) trigonal cubic C) trigonal planar D) linear Sketch cis and para butane Sketch H 2 SO 4
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1) (8) Please fill in the Molecular Orbital Energy Diagram below for the case of OF. Please use black horizontal dashes for the atomic orbitals (one each), small red arrows for the electrons, small blue dashes for bonding orbitals and small green dashes for antibonding orbitals. Please also label the orbitals (e.g. σ 2p). Please include only atomic orbitals of the valence shells (outside of the vertical arrows) and all molecular orbitals resulting from them (between the vertical arrows). Please also indicate the bond order and
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Unformatted text preview: the magnetic (dia- vs. para-) properties of the ‘molecule’. Please indicate the atom/molecule in the empty boxes. There are a number of reasonable successions for the 2p derived MOs. You are not required to know the correct one, but you have to choose a reasonable one! E A O M O A O E 2) (8) Find the Lewis structure of the cyclic compound C 5 NOH 7. Please include unpaired electrons and lone pairs as one dot and one line, respectively. Please use your blue pencil for the symbol of sp hybridized atoms, your green pencil for sp 2 hybridized atoms and your red pencil for sp 3 hybridized atoms (e.g. write the C in the Lewis structure of methane in red). Please denote all other hybridization (including unhybridized) in black. It is suggested but not required that you fill out the form. S t r u c t u r e :...
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HW 8 - the magnetic(dia vs para properties of the...

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