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Guillermo Furniture Store Alternatives

Guillermo Furniture Store Alternatives - Guillermo...

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Guillermo Furniture 1 Running Head: GUILLERMO FURNITURE STORE Guillermo Furniture Store and Analysis of Alternatives Renee Grondin FIN571/Corporate Finance January 19, 2011 Instructor Gordon Floeting
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Guillermo Furniture 2 Focus on the Analysis of Different Alternatives Available with the Guillermo Guillermo Furniture Store has come across intense competition from the foreign competitors that have entered the local market where Guillermo furniture store has been selling furniture for the last few years. The high-tech technology of foreign competitors have pushed the Guillermo furniture store back and thus, there is need that Guillermo should focus on the analysis and evaluation of the available potential alternatives that it can use to out-perform in this competitive market. At present, the store is producing and selling coated type of furniture. The other option that is available with the store is that it could also go for acquiring the high-tech computer controlled technology that could work for 24 hours a day. The other alternative that is available with the Guillermo furniture store is that it could act as a broker of one of the producers of Norway and could distribute its furniture in this market of Mexico. Guillermo Furniture Store has these above-mentioned three alternatives that it has to choose from and that too in quick time since the competition is growing very tough for the furniture store. Foreign competitors could produce at low quantities better quality furniture products which they are then supplying in this market of Mexico at lower rates as compared to Guillermo. This is because they are using hi-tech technology in producing and manufacturing the furniture products. Guillermo has to analyze and compare the expected benefits and expected costs of each of the alternatives that also include the current method that is used. The investment under all the three alternatives would be quite different as the case with the benefits that would receive. Guillermo has to focus its competitive strategy around one of these methods and review its competitive strategy. If Guillermo stays with the current method it would face problems because it would not
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Guillermo Furniture Store Alternatives - Guillermo...

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