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5 practices of leadership - Darian Hands Five Practices of...

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Darian Hands Five Practices of Leadership Paper The five practices of leadership is something that every leader should know and be aware of. After holding many leadership roles, the top leadership practice that defines me is inspiring a shared vision. Throughout out my leadership experiences inspiring a shared vision has always been a main goal of mine, no matter the situation. The first reason that inspiring a shared vision is my top leadership practice is because in any leadership position I like to envision the future by imagining exciting possibilities into my constituents. This is an important characteristic of inspiring a shared vision. When I was student body vice president in high school one example when of inspiring a shared vision is when I was first elected to the position and I started explaining about all the different ideas that I had for the school and how they would benefit the student body. After rallying the students, teachers, and the administration behind me and my ideas we were able to have a successful year. Through inspiring a shared vision for the future of our school I was
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