BIO187 introductuon

BIO187 introductuon - must receive a written permission...

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Tsui Ching Lan Michelle McCrackin BIO 187 SLN10181 1. Attendance in the lab is mandatory. There will be a sign-in sheet in the beginning of  each meeting which is the student’s responsibility to sign.  Tardiness is marked as half of  an absence, as well as leaving early before the TA dismisses the class.  However, if the  tardiness is longer than 20 minutes, it is marked as 1 absence.  An absence may only be  excused if there is an official documented note or absence due to sickness, an injury, or  loss a family member. A student with an unexcused absence will receive a zero for the  lab assignment assigned on that day; along with a 10 point deduction from the lab grade  for each unexcused absences. If the student knows ahead of time that they will be  missing the lab, they can arrange to attend a different lab on a different day. The student 
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Unformatted text preview: must receive a written permission such as an email from both TAs. Late assignments are penalized with a 20% deduction from their maximum points possible. For example, if an assignment was due on a Wednesday at 1:40PM, and the student turned it in on Friday at 3PM, that you be marked off 60% of the totally grade because it is three days late. 2. If I was the TA and while I was grading the assignments I found out that they had copied the words from an internet source without citing them, I would consider it an academic dishonestly. The students used other peoples words as their own words when writing the assignment. If the majority of the student did their assignments without citing them, I would either assign the assignment to the class to do again or mark off points from their papers. 3....
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BIO187 introductuon - must receive a written permission...

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