Biology 187 Spring 2008 syllabus

Biology 187 Spring 2008 syllabus - Biology 187 Lab Syllabus...

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Spring 2008 Teaching Assistant : Michelle McCrackin Office: LSA 358 Office Hours: Monday 1-2PM, Tuesday 3-4PM, other times by appointment. Email: [email protected] Lab sections: 10181 Tuesday 4:40-7:30, LSE S50, 10178 Wednesday 1:40-4:30, LSE S50 Check your ASU email and BlackBoard regularly for announcements and other important information. Lab Objectives: The goal of this laboratory course is to provide you hands-on experience with biological material and to enhance your abilities in scientific methodology and critical thinking. You will gain an understanding of biological terms and concepts, develop the ability to use the scientific method, and be able to critically evaluate and analyze biological information. Lab Manual: Purchase a lab manual at the ASU Bookstore. Every student needs his or her own copy. Grades and Assignments : Your lab grade accounts for 33% of your total BIO 187 grade. All assignments are due at the beginning of lab on the date scheduled whether or not you attend lab. Late assignments will be penalized 20% of their graded value per day late, including weekends and holidays, and including the day they are due if you do not turn them in at the beginning of lab. There will be no make-up assignments or extra credit. Missed assignments will receive a grade of zero. Week of Lab title Assign Due week of Point Total 14-Jan Lab Introduction worksheet 21-Jan 10 21-Jan Scientific Investigation lab report 28-Jan 20 worksheet 28-Jan 10 topic assignment (for Scientific Literature) 28-Jan worksheet, in-class before leaving class paper summary 11-Feb 10 11-Feb worksheet 18-Feb 10 18-Feb Genetics: The Prinicples of Mendel worksheet 25-Feb 10 25-Feb Kuru - Hardy Weinburg worksheet 4-Mar 10 4-Mar Field Ecology worksheet 17-Mar 10 10-Mar 17-Mar Animal Behavior lab report 31-Mar 40 24-Mar Presentations 30 31-Mar Population Dynamics worksheet 8-Apr 10 8-Apr Plant Adaptations worksheet 14-Apr 10 14-Apr Community Succession worksheet 4/21 (or in class) 10 21-Apr Cumulative Final 50 250 Total Points Point Distribution for labs - Spring 2008
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This note was uploaded on 01/30/2011 for the course BIO 101 taught by Professor Lawson during the Spring '08 term at ASU.

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Biology 187 Spring 2008 syllabus - Biology 187 Lab Syllabus...

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