brazil nut soybean summary

brazil nut soybean summary - L isa Lan TA: M ichelle...

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Lisa Lan TA: Michelle McCrackin Submission Date: February 26, 2008 Peer-reviewed scientific literature: Summary of article (re-do) 1. Allergies to food are caused by proteins which are coded by genes. If a gene that makes an allergen is transferred to a new food, it would trigger the same allergy it did in the source plant. In soybeans, there is a relative lack of the amino acid methionine. However, Brazil nuts contain the 2S protein which contains 18 percent methionine. To improve the nutritional quality of soybeans, the 2S albumin from the Brazil nut has been introduced into genetically modified soybeans. Since many people are allergic to Brazil nuts, the allergenicity of the 2S albumin in the Brazil nut was evaluated. 2. Many concerns have been raised about the introduction of allergenic proteins into transgenic food plants. If there is a lack of information on the safety of foods derived from transgenic plants, the FDA will require the food to be labeled to alert consumers. Soybeans contain important
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brazil nut soybean summary - L isa Lan TA: M ichelle...

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