A&P Assign 1 - Blood

A&P Assign 1 - Blood - a promyelocyte and then...

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Andrea Zarins Biol 238 Dr. Swan January 31, 2007 Major Types of White Blood Cells Type of White Cell Descriptive Characteristics Relative Abundance in Blood Origin and Cycle Functions Neutrophil .Multilobed nucleus, and inconspicuous cytoplasmic granules 60-65% of leukocytes (3,000 to 7,000 cells/ mm 3 ) Spend 8-10 days in circulation, and the most abundant phagocytes. Actively and passively phagocytize bacteria Eosinophil Bilobed nucleus, and red cytoplasmic granules About 2% of leukocytes (100-400 cells/mm 3 ) Reside in the loose connective tissues of the skin and intestinal or respiratory mucosae. Secrete anti- inflammatory chemicals (like anti-histamine) during allergic reactions Basophil Lobed nucleus, and large blue- purple cytoplasmic granules Less than 1% of leukocytes (20 – 50 cells/mm 3 ) From a myeloblast, develops into
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Unformatted text preview: a promyelocyte , and then differentiates into a basophilic myelocyte. Secrete histamine and a heparin-like molecule in inflammatory reactions Lymphocyte Spherical or indented nucleus, and pale blue cytoplasm 25-30% of all leukocytes (1500 – 3000 cells/ mm 3 ) Come in B and T cell types, produced in lymph tissue. Circulate between the lymph, circulation, lymph, and back again for long Mount immune response by either direct cell attack, or attack by antibodies periods of time. Monocyte U-shaped nucleus, and gray-blue cytoplasm About 9% of leukocytes (100 – 700 cells/mm 3 ) Originate in the marrow, spend up to 20 days in the circulation, then travel to the tissues where they become macrophages . Transform into macrophages in connective tissue (phagocytosis)...
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A&P Assign 1 - Blood - a promyelocyte and then...

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