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AMST 101 Lauren Berry January 20, 2010 America I AM: The African American Imprint After visiting the “American I AM” exhibit at the California Science Center, I was blown away. I came into this exhibit with little knowledge on the entirety of African American history, and after going through this exhibit I learned many things that I feel I may have never known had it not been for this extraordinary exhibit. As I walked through the opening room of all the “shadows” of monumental black people throughout history, I found myself recognizing many of the historical figures on display. Looking at photos of Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, and more, I started to ponder the question of “what if these people had never existed”. Our culture has evolved because of these inspirational individuals. Whether it is political transformations, or social milestones, these important figures have helped shaped America into the nation it is today. My favorite piece of the exhibit that I came across was in the “dungeon” room. This room resembled how a typical slave trade ship would look like and at the end of the room there was a picture of how the individual slaves were stacked within the ship. This artwork of the ship displayed 292 individuals stacked and placed side by side. The docent at the exhibit explained that this was an average slave trade ship set up. She described that these ships were full of diseases and the individuals were forced without food, water, or bathroom breaks throughout their stay on the ship. The thought of
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American I AM exhibit paper - AMST 101 Lauren Berry America...

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