AMST Research Paper (LA GANGS)

AMST Research Paper (LA GANGS) - Lauren Berry AMST 101gm...

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Lauren Berry AMST 101gm February 15, 2010 Harmless Lyrics or Dangerous Role Models? Looking into Gang Violence through Music “Ya’ll niggas know me, cause I do my thang man. You look you gon see, G-Unit’s my gang man, you front on me, I’ll pull out the thang thang, pop at you bang bang, blow out ya brains man.” (50 Cent, G-Unit the Gang) At the age of thirteen this song, “G-Unit the Gang” blasted on the speakers at my fellow classmate’s birthday dance. Unfazed by the lyrics, the young crowd of prepubescent teens danced along to the following lyrics. These words that 50 Cent spoke not only directly state extreme violence, but they also bring about the issue of gangs. 50 Cent, along with many others, prides himself off of his gang history and present day association. On any popular radio station today, one would hear these songs that directly degrade women, promote gang affiliation, and support underage drinking and drug abuse. Hip Hop music and Rap music, today, heavily encourage the use of weapons and gang violence through their lyrical messages and tone. Gangs are on the rise, especially within the urban city of Los Angeles, and the pop culture and media that are presented within society directly influence the issue at hand. At the live music festival, Summer Jam, in 2002, the concert was ended early due to gang-affiliated violence that took place within the crowd. Many gang specialists argue that Rap and Hip Hop music have violent followers who often take advice from the lyrics that are place within the beats. During this summer day, the concert was interrupted by audience members who
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AMST Research Paper (LA GANGS) - Lauren Berry AMST 101gm...

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