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AMST 101 MIDTERM STUDY GUIDE 2pm *SOME OF THE DEFINITIONS FOR THE TERMS ARE INCORRECT. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE THEY ARE CORRECT AND TO DEVELOP YOUR OWN IDEAS AND CONNECTIONS FOR THE "SIGNIFICANCE" PART. THIS GUIDE IS INTENDED TO GET YOU STARTED AND ONLY TO GET YOU STARTED (I.E. DO NOT SIMPLY MEMORIZE THIS LIST). I INCLUDED HINTS FOR MOVE YOU ALL IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. Racial Formation Refers to everything that goes into shaping what people think of as race. Also what race people think of themselves at. How the idea of race forms in a persons mind. There were Europeans in Europe who were forced to be indentured servants and they were white but they were a different “race” because they were forced to be lower than “white” people. Pio Pico is a prime example because he claimed to be Spanish when he was in power but when a higher power came in they decided what he was and what he would be classified under. In this case class was another factor that determined race. (hint: reference Omi and Winant) One Drop Rule In certain places of the country it was legal to classify someone who had any form of African Ancestry in their blood labeled them as black. This rule made it easier to separate people based on the preferences of whoever was in charge. It shows differences in the racial formation from state to state. For example, in Alabama the rule was 1/8th as opposed to Florida where the rule was 1/16th. Miscegenation/Race Mixing Miscegenation is defined as the mixing of races. This was frowned upon because people who were of mixed races were seen as inferior and often times disowned by both sides. There would eventually come to pass an Anti-Miscegenation Law that prohibited people of different ethnic background to marry because people didn’t want whites mixing with any other minority. It was mostly used to keep the blood pure and racist opposed miscegenation because they did not want someone who had worst of both worlds. Eugenics It is the science of breeding the “perfect race” by selecting desirable traits and mixing them. It is important to Los Angeles because all of the scientists were based here in Pasadena and USC. A lot of their published work was widely read and mainstream that lead to people categorizing certain races. Joseph Widney
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He researched Eugenics, was the president of USC and believed that Aryan was the superior race. He held a high office and was very influential, his work was read by Hitler and influenced his thoughts prior to the Holocaust. Takao Ozawa Japanese man who took his case to the supreme court, he did everything right and fought to get citizenship. He fulfilled all of the requirements of a U.S citizen and used a social justification for being a citizen. Supreme Court ruled that science proved that he could be not be citizen. Whoever wants to use the definition of their choosing can determine what being white truly is. Manuel Dominguez
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