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Census Project - Lauren Berry AMST 101 April 5 2010 Census...

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Lauren Berry AMST 101 April 5, 2010 Census Project As the decade has come to a close in 2010, the government has sent out the census in order to comprehend the country’s build up in the modern day. Prior to this American Studies class I didn’t understand the importance of a census. Last time a census came out was when I was in the 3 rd grade and I don’t even think I ever even heard about it. However, as a young adult my parents, teachers, and friends have continually encouraged me to “fill out my census” and to “not forget”. On Easter weekend this year my family and friends from around the west coast all gathered at my home from Friday to Sunday for the holiday and I saw this as a perfect opportunity to ask my elders about the census and their opinions in regards to it. Out of thirty cousins, grandparents, uncles and aunts I chose to interview four different loved ones who surprisingly all didn’t consider themselves under the same “race”. I was almost positive that three out of the four loved ones would answer “White” on the census form, but was surprised to see that only one out of the four did. The first person that I interviewed was my uncle, Lee Davenport. From the start I knew that Lee would answer that he was an “American Indian”. He had grown up on a reservation and moved to San Francisco where he met my aunt. He has two young children so he told me that he filled out the Census for his entire family. He laughed as he described to me that it turned into more of a fight than an easy assignment. His wife, Jill, from her exterior looks like a typical White American. However, what Lee didn’t know about Jill was that she considered herself to be Native Hawaiian. Jill’s family had originated from Hawaii and Jill had spent almost most of her 1
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entire life in Hawaii. What Lee didn’t see what that being from Hawaii was different than just being an “American”. Although Hawaii is part of the United States, there have been debates and
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Census Project - Lauren Berry AMST 101 April 5 2010 Census...

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