9 - attachment He was the only man of his whole generation...

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American literature notes  20:04 Henry James  (“the beast in the jungle”) Real apocalypse he is waiting for At this time men and women do not have friendships As a woman you are being seen with a man, then obviously there must be  something romantic going on, things that are romantic have a very defined  course. .marriage. It has happened, it has come He finds himself visiting her grave in London He finds his attention strangely attracted by another man that is at a distance  from him at another grave The other man’s mannerisms are striking, intriguing He realizes that what he sees in the man whole way of moving, is the absolute  obscenity of grief and loss that he cannot imagine This man had something, and lost it…he himself has never had any emotional 
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Unformatted text preview: attachment He was the only man of his whole generation to whom it was fated that absolutely nothing was to happen What’s going on is homosexuality He did not have connections with women (James) There is a pattern of sensitive men, who have friendships with interesting woman, but for some reason they are out of the running for romantic relationship (within his writings) You could not say anything about homosexuality during the 19 th century Male homosexuality was illegal, could be hanged for it Female homosexuality was not illegal While the book could be prosecuted, the author could not 20:04 20:04...
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9 - attachment He was the only man of his whole generation...

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