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11 - The revelation is the nothingness of all of the things...

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American Literature 20:07 Beast in the Jungle: HOMOSEXUALITY Romanticized for himself a religious plot of time What he is having is an apocalypse Tradition of it: communal Bible or the church will tell you that “this is how the world is going to end” He gets the revelation of the beast from himself He is giving himself the prophesy, self generated Revelation of profundity that has  no content Romantic epiphany as prophecy Simply you don’t know what is going to come
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Unformatted text preview: The revelation is the nothingness of all of the things that he has brought on himself by holding back on participation in life Freud: Religion: communal, origin point in the distant past, communal content, cosmology, where did we come from, where are we going, etc. Neurosis: a religion of one that you have made up for yourself, religion (community) will save you from neurosis The individual content is sexual 20:07 20:07...
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