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Concrete Narrative - Concrete Narrative Lauren Berry...

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Concrete Narrative Lauren Berry September 3, 2009 The way it smelled was orgasmic. The red meat oozed this intense aroma that I had never smelled before. The scent ran up and down my body as I was suddenly reminded of summer barbeques, fast food, and baseball games. Meat: it’s all I want. Why did I have to become a vegetarian? It all started out as a way to impress John. His perfect body and graceful charm made me go crazy. Though, he had one flaw, and this imperfection is why I’m stuck here now dreaming of meat today. John was a vegetarian. I knew he wouldn’t respect an animal killing, blood hungry carnivore, so I sucked it up and waved goodbye to hot dogs, hamburgers, and the works. It’s been one week, two hours, and fifty-seven minutes since my last animal and my mind is racing. Shaking and twitching in every direction the sweet smells of a rack of lamb or juicy hamburger begin to overpower my mind. Now I sit here, side by side with john, but this time my hunger is not for his tasteful lips, but instead for the hamburger that sits between us. Don’t do it Jessica, keep your hand glued to his. Don’t let your sweaty, greedy fingers
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Concrete Narrative - Concrete Narrative Lauren Berry...

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