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Dante_Inferno - 2 nd ring violence towards self spend...

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Dante lost in woods, ghost of Roman poet Virgil appears to guide him back to mountain. Must go through Hell to reach Heaven. Dante’s love, Beatrice, sent virgil. Ante Inferno - souls couldn’t commit to Heaven or Hell. Endlessly chase black banner. Hornets and worms. Charon (ferryman) river acheron border of hell. 1 st Circle of Hell- Limbo - pagans. Many poets, writers, etc. 2 nd Circle of Hell- Lust - souls live in a storm. 3 rd - Gluttonous - souls lie in mud, rain, excrement 4 th - avaricious, prodigious- charge at each other with boulders 5 th - Wrath - in dirty river Styx, wrathful fighting each other. Sullen lie below Styx choking on the swamp Travel into city of Dis. Must get help from heaven messanger to get by 3 guardians of the Gates. 6 th Circle- Heretics 7 th Circle 1 st ring: violence towards others- swim in boiling blood
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Unformatted text preview: 2 nd ring: violence towards self- spend eternity as trees 3 rd ring: violence towards god/nature- walk on burning sand 8 th Circle- 10 evil pockets- 8 th pocket- thieves in pit of vipers. If bitten, become a vipor. Must bite another human to turn back to human form. 9 th Circle Giants’ Well frozen lake Cocytus Giant Antaeus takes Dante/Virgil down to lowest region of Hell. Caina 1 st ring- betrayed kin- frozen up to necks in lake 2 nd Ring- betrayed country/party- frozen up to heads 3 rd Ring- betrayed guests- lying on lake, tears make blocks of ice on eyes 4 th Ring- betrayed benefactors- eternity in total submersion 3-headed giant Lucifer in ice, gnawing on 3 greatest sinners of all time- Judas (Christ), Cassius, Brutus (caesar)...
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