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assign 1 - Maddy Scully WRIT 140 Saba Razvi 2 December 2010...

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Maddy Scully WRIT 140 Saba Razvi 2 December 2010 (Revised Essay) Go, Fight, Green: An Encouragement of Change Change is defined as making the form, nature, or future course of something different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone. When it comes to social change, society must be transformed into something better, more advanced, and healthier for our world and environment. Unfortunately, in marketing today, many companies manipulate buyers into purchasing their product solely because they give off an environmentally friendly appearance. However, there do remain some advertisements that actually do encourage a good amount of social change in relation to certain issues. In a recent advertisement for the Eagles football team, deliberately provocative language is used to encourage society to recycle by demonstrating the severity and reality of the situation, and implying that people have a moral duty to reduce solid waste. “Go green” is a statement widely used today, and it has grown to become a fashionable, popular trend. This can bring about suspicion, for how is one to know which advertisements actually encourage social change and which ones present the idea solely to increase profit? The answer is not easy to find, for the purpose of advertisements is to sell the product being presented, not to encourage something non-profitable. In the Eagles advertisement, “Go Green” is placed in the center of the photograph with the Eagles’ logo immediately beneath it. This relates the Eagles directly to the statement. However, it is not a deliberate scheme to pilfer fans’ money; instead, it is essentially a genuine encouragement following a legitimate piece of information that can reduce the world’s waste, whether Eagles tickets are purchased or not. One
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may think that because the Eagles’ copyrighted logo is situated directly beneath the words “go green,” that the company is simply attempting to appear environmentally conscientious in order to improve sales, but in fact the advertisement donates a statistic free of charge or commitment that can educate people and ultimately multiply our world’s recyclers. Boldness can make a very large statement in our world. Whether the visual text is bold or the statement itself is socially bold, people recognize something that stands out. By exhibiting a provoking piece of information that lays out the severe truth of today’s environment, this ad educates people in a brave and confident manner. The assertion presented will give readers an honest understanding of the world, and will ultimately give them a reason to do what is asked of the advertisement: recycle. Cleverly, the ad presents a famously fanatical American past time, football, as the basis of the advertisement, and boldly and strongly encourages society to reduce
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assign 1 - Maddy Scully WRIT 140 Saba Razvi 2 December 2010...

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