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Assign 4 - Maddy Scully Saba Razvi WRIT 140 18 November...

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Maddy Scully Saba Razvi WRIT 140 18 November 2010 A Battle on Fear Fear has become an everyday emotion in modern society, as our world increasingly yet unknowingly greatens the amounts of things to fear. One of the tragic happenings our world intensely fears today is war. Fear of the consequences of war is especially prevalent in the world after the occurrences of September 11, 2001. Numerous precautions have been made and great changes have been put in order to prepare for the continuation of warfare. Unfortunately, the world has come to a place where fear can cause one to do extreme things. Billions of dollars and thousands of lives have been at stake because of the horrors of war. Because of these excessive losses, our society has learned to fear warfare with great passion. Different parts of global contemporary society have now been altered in order to add special precautions against war. Because of the tragic discourse of warfare, global society has been shaped to live and act in constant fear of future acts of warfare. Although airplane technology and enhancements have increased over the years, so has people’s fear of flying due to the War on Terror. On September 11, 2001 people lost their families, friends, and coworkers, and watched terror traverse our nation. Innocent citizens lost their lives, all because one country’s acute intimidation of America’s freedom and power. After this day, people began to see a whole new side of flying. Instead of just a way to travel the world, it now also became a way for terrorists to target a large group of vulnerable citizens. Once people realized this, they began fearing airplanes as a whole. Not only do people now fear the act
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Scully 2 of flying in planes, but they also despise the inconveniences of security at airports. Our fear of just one element of warfare, terrorism, has driven our government to greatly alter the environment of airports, significantly increasing security, and making it nearly impossible to catch a flight without at least two hours to spare. People are greatly inconvenienced by the extremely precise methods of checking bags, and therefore, people fly less. Most would say that this is a good idea just to be safe, but many do not realize that it is all based off of pure fear of the new environment and the lack of knowledge of future attacks. The nation has developed a distinct fear of war, especially terrorism, and it has clearly altered structures of the global world. Because of this widespread fear, contemporary society has transformed markedly, as has the global population’s perceptions of culture. Fear has the ability to shape society’s perspectives and transform them in negative ways. Because of the current war against Iraq, people have begun to regard other cultures in negative
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Assign 4 - Maddy Scully Saba Razvi WRIT 140 18 November...

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