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Assign 5 - Scully 1 Maddy Scully WRIT 140 Saba Razvi 2...

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Scully 1 Maddy Scully WRIT 140 Saba Razvi 2 December 2010 A5--All or Nothing: The Fight for Animal Rights Biodiversity has always been a significant element of the global environment. It is one of a kind and a delicacy to each individual nation. Animals give the environment life, and it is up to us as humans to protect the unprotected. There are numerous groups promoting the conservation and protection of different elements of the environment, and biodiversity is no exception. Associations form worldwide in hopes of preserving the wellness of each and every species. Humans have the ability to take advantage of animals, and use them selfishly as resources for trinkets, fur, food, or anything else that sells for profit. However, humans also have the capability to stand up for them and give them a voice in society. As many organizations and activists have been extremely successful in hindering or even eliminating certain animal cruelties, there are also associations that do not have the same success. It does not always appear so on the surface, but by critically analyzing the true accomplishments of the organizations, it is clear to see which ones are sincerely working towards the bettering of global biodiversity. Deeper analysis into animal rights associations and activists groups reveals that certain organizations lacking elements of critical reasoning actually do more harm than good when it comes to the welfare of animals. Making a statement is a bold act; but when there is no evidence to support it, it lacks strength and believability. Certain animal rights organizations have spent money and caused a scene in order to state their beliefs about what is right and wrong concerning animal rights. However, behind closed doors, their actions do not always follow through with what they have argued. For example, the organization PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has
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Scully 2 become famous for its over-the-top protests and expensive advertisements to raise awareness. However, this is not what PETA stands for; their mission statement entails saving animals that are suffering from different domestic and industrial cruelties ( If this animal rights organization, the largest in the world, does not actually fulfill its mission statement, something is clearly wrong. The bridge between what is happening within these wealthier animal rights organizations like PETA and what actually ought to be happening is further broadened by their lack of critical reasoning. They fail to present intellectual honesty, as they uphold a solid mission statement, but do not even follow through on the stated goals. The most reasonable change for these questionable organizations would be to clearly state realistic goals for the conservation of wildlife, being fully honest about what they plan to achieve. Although it is nearly impossible to
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Assign 5 - Scully 1 Maddy Scully WRIT 140 Saba Razvi 2...

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