exam 4 SG1

exam 4 SG1 - 1 STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM 4 (Nov 15), continued...

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1 STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM 4 (Nov 15), continued (chapter 11) Here are some important points to keep in mind: Start with the lecture outline and read accompanying material from the readings as necessary to answer each question below About 60% of the questions are from lecture or lecture + book and 40% purely from the book The study guide lists the important topics in the readings not covered in the lecture Use active studying techniques – write answers to the questions below or explain to a buddy Virtual Child is not technically on the exam, but should help you understand concepts Make an appointment or send e-mail questions if you can’t make one of these sessions Ch. 11: Cognitive Development in Middle Childhood Lectures: Nov 1 Nov 3 : lecture outline, powerpoint and video excerpt “The Child’s Brain” Readings Exam 4 will have 4 short answer questions and 12 multiple choice on cognitive development (covering about half of the items below). Write down and/or explain to a study buddy the answers to the following questions (any section of the lecture, Boyd and Bee chapter for which there is no question is skipped): the capacity to think and talk about language; help with self-correction 2. What types of words or word units make the biggest contribution to vocabulary gains between 6 and derived words (words that have a basic root to which a prefix or suffix is added)
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exam 4 SG1 - 1 STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM 4 (Nov 15), continued...

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