Purpose, procedure, equipment lab 6-7

Purpose, procedure, equipment lab 6-7 - of the face on the...

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PURPOSE The purpose of this lab is to determine the tensile strength of concrete as well as the modulus of elasticity, and to establish a relationship between stress and strain. We will accomplish such tasks by loading two 28-day moist-cured cylinders in a compression machine and then recording the incremental loads and elastic shortening until failure. Equipment: - Concrete compressor machine - Compressometer - 2 plywood bearing strips - 2 28-day moist-cured concrete cylinders Procedure: Concrete Split 1. Draw 2 diametrical lines on each face of the cylinder with the 2 lines falling in the same plane 2. Place a bearing strip of wood in the center of the bearing plate of the compression machine 3. Lay the concrete specimen horizontally over the strip with the diameter drawn on the face of the specimen lying perpendicularly to the strip 4. Place another plywood strip on the top of the cylinder forming a right angle with the diameter
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Unformatted text preview: of the face on the cylinder 5. Load the specimen gradually till failure. 6. Record P the failure load. Concrete Compression 1. Obtain a 28 days cured cylindrical cement specimen. 2. Cap the cylinder. 3. Insert the cylinder in the metallic jacket to which the compressometer is fixed and set to it to zero. 4. In order to keep the metallic jacket in a fixed position, drive its screws into the cylindrical specimen. 5. Measure the original vertical distance L0. 6. Place the cylinder on the bearing block of the compression machine. 7. Adjust its position till it becomes centered 8. Start applying load at an incrementally. 9. At each designated load record the reading at the compressometer and the value of the applied load. 10. Continue till the cylinder till failure. 11. Using the obtained data to perform the required calculations and plots....
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Purpose, procedure, equipment lab 6-7 - of the face on the...

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