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MEMORANDUM TO: Carl Hughes, Marketing Representative FROM: Sidney Munoz, Sales Assistant DATE: December 3, 2009 RE: Immediate attention required on Premium Products, Inc. account As part of our customer satisfaction program, I visited several accounts today. Although I got the usual array of so- so responses from most customers, there was one particular account which I thought should be brought to your attention: Premium Products, Inc. Their key operator, Nina Boynton, seemed pretty upset with the performance of her company’s current copy machine. She complained about the copier constantly accumulating large amounts of toner dust on the optic lens, resulting in poor quality copies. The problem seems to occur frequently, and despite numerous attempts, our company’s service department has not been able to correct it. Ms. Boynton’s manager has authorized that the plug be pulled on our copier in the event this issue is not immediately resolved. Premium Products, Inc. currently leases an XBJ550 copy machine for $300.00 a month. This machine has a capacity
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