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Instructions for Submitting F-301 Homework Handwritten is fine. No need to type these. But please submit your homework neatly on its own pages. Do not try to write your answers in the small spaces on the Problem Set itself. You do NOT need to return the Problem Set sheet. You must show your work. On problems which require the yx key, you must write out the equations you used, in a logical sequence, so I can see how you arrived at your final answer. If you write down only the final answer, without showing any work, I mark it wrong. If the problem calls for using the yx key, you must write out the equations to show your work. If the problem does not require the yx key, then it's OK to solve the problem using the TVM keys on the calculator (the TVM keys are the row of keys labeled N, I/Y, PV, PMT and FV). If you use the TVM keys,
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Unformatted text preview: then the "show your work" requirement is met if you simply write down which number you entered into which of the TVM keys. Example: N = 2, PV = -100, FV = 121, compute I/Y = 10%. • Even on the problems that require you to write out the equations and use the yx key, you are welcome to check your answer on your own using the TVM keys. • Take care to make your paper neat, legible and businesslike. Points may be deducted if your assignment is illegible, disorganized or if you have more than one sheet and they're not stapled. In general, approach these problems by first clearing your calculator, and then asking yourself, "What am I being asked to solve for?" It helps in setting up the problem if you know whether you are trying to solve for N, or I/Y (that is, the rate of return), or PV or FV....
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