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INTEGRATIVE CORE INTEGRATIVE PROJECT New Product Introduction Study Project Overview Fall 2010 (rev. 1-4-10) CRITICAL DATES EVENT CLASS SECTION Zip code changes submitted to Prof. Ippolito (either through Oncourse or regular email at [email protected]) All Tuesday, 8/31, 5:00 PM Team assignments posted through Oncourse All: Part 2 of the Icore Orientation will be presented on Wed/Thur, 9/8 & 9/9and will use the modified scheduled from the first day of class. Wednesday, 9/8, 6:00 PM Submit Proposal All Monday, 9/20, by 6:00 pm. Project Work Days, and status reports and work plans. All The first project work days are Each team will submit a status report and work plan (as described in the guidelines), to the team’s coaching instructor. This should be submitted as a Word document using the “project day report” link in the Forums section of the Icore Oncourse project site for your Icore section’s schedule (MW Afternoon, etc.). The second project work days are A follow-up report will be submitted by each team to its coaching instructor as described above. Submit Written and Electronic Reports All (three hard copies; one for EACH of your three core instructors) Tuesday, 12/14, by noon. Presentation* MW PM section MW Evening section TR AM section TR PM section Wed, 12/15, 11 :00 AM—4:00 PM. Wed, 12/15, 4 :30-9 :30 PM. Thur, 12/16, 10:-3:30. Tues, 12/14, 12:30-5:30 *A detailed presentation schedule, listing specific teams and times, will be published later in the semester.
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General Overview You will work in a preassigned team of six or seven class members . Teams are assigned based upon your home zip code . ( NOTE : The LOCAL (default HOME) zip code that is on record with the registrar will be used in this assignment unless you notify Prof. Ippolito, the Icore Coordinator, to use a different zip code. Send this notification to Prof. Ippolito through regular email to [email protected] and indicate the reason why—such as an anticipated move, actual residence is not the same as the mailing address, etc; supporting documentation may be requested. The notification must be by email by the cutoff date and time shown in the Critical Dates table on the first page of this document.) Your team will select a company (large or small, service or manufacturing) that will provide the context for your study. The objective is to develop a recommendation, with a supporting and convincing analysis, for a new product that this company could introduce. (It is NOT necessary for the company to be actually considering your proposed product.) Your team will submit a written report, an electronic copy of the report, and make an oral presentation, during finals week, according to the schedule shown on page 1. Prepare THREE COPIES of the written report (one for each professor) ; the electronic copy will be submitted through the Icore Oncourse site. The oral presentation will focus on the key points of your proposal and summarize your team's recommendations and
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