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Zappos Case Study Questions

Zappos Case Study Questions - 2 At Zappos the goal of...

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Zappos Case Study Questions 1. The customer benefit package that Zappos offers to their customers includes the product they are ordering, outstanding customer service via telephone, a liberal return policy, free shipping both ways and occasional surprise perks. One of Zappos’ value creations are their shoes because it is the company’s primary good. One support is their customer service standards. The company makes interacting with their representatives over the phone a positive and easy experience, in addition to free and easy shipping on all products. A general management process you might encounter upon purchasing from Zappos is their human resources department. The human resources department is responsible for carrying out the company’s mission to make each individual’s experience a positive one by hiring creative, friendly employees with a positive attitude.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. At Zappos, the goal of providing good service encounters is paramount. Consistently providing good experiences for your customers is what will set you apart as a company. The CEO of the company decided not to outsource the company’s telephone representatives so that customer’s would be able to talk with friendly, understandable, and creative personnel that had been trained by the company. Service management skills are demonstrated here as well because company’s representatives are encouraged to cross market different products by suggesting multiple colors of the product to the customer. The positive human interaction is the company’s greatest service management skill. Superior experiences due to knowledgeable and friendly staff, free shipping, surprise perks and outstanding products sets Zappos apart from other company’s in the industry. 3....
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Zappos Case Study Questions - 2 At Zappos the goal of...

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