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Discuss how various components of the Patient Safety Act effect healthcare organizations and the consumer. The Patient Safety Act will bring about safer practice in organizations. Initially, this will cost more money to the organization as new processes are introduced; however, costs will be saved later as less patients incur hospital acquired infections, “never” events continue to decrease in number, and fewer malpractice lawsuits are able to be filed. The consumer can feel safer about his or her position in a healthcare facility because the standard of care has been raised. D Summarize the mission of the National Quality Forum and the effect that you think that it will have on the quality of care in the United States. The mission of NQF is to set national standards of healthcare and goals for meeting these standards. The goal is to create better quality, patient-centered healthcare with less mistakes and more incentive to conduct safe, evidence based practice. The NQF will assess and evaluate healthcare systems to ensure proper care is taken of patients
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