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Kelly Brown R-110 12886 1. I think that I spent ample time gathering information for my speech about the Turks & Caicos. I think I achieved my goal of highlighting as many aspects of the islands as I could without boring the audience with cumbersome details. In regards to preparation, I think I could have spent more time practicing my speech and watching the tape of myself to help me improve for the final presentation. 2. I believe I chose interesting information and was creative in how I presented it. I talked about the different activities available on the islands such as parasailing, glass-bottom boat tours, Jet Ski rentals, snorkeling and scuba diving, which I think appealed to my audience. I also talked about the local cuisine of conch and fried plantains to give my audience a little “taste” of the islands. 3. My information was clear and well developed for the audience because I presented it in a manner that was easy to follow. My goal was to make the audience feel as if they were looking at a colorful travel
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