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pg. 301 audience analysis - Kelly Brown Audience Analysis...

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Kelly Brown Audience Analysis pg. 301 R-110 08/1/10 1. I am attempting to persuade my audience to sign petitions for laws to be enacted that put convicted violent sex offenders behind bars for life, without the possibility of parole. 2. As a result of my questionnaire, I am very skeptical that anyone has signed a petition in favor of convicted violent sex offenders’ imprisonment for life without parole. a. I do not think that any audience members have signed a petition because most of the audience was unsure how the felt about the subject. Also, these said petitions are not highly publicized, so there is a large possibility that most audience members did not know they existed. b. This suggests that I can do more to get the word out there about these petitions to my audience, as well as other people in the community. 3. The objections that people have for not following my suggested action was that only violent sex offenders should be jailed for life, not sex offenders in general. In my survey, I did not use the words “violent sex offenders,” but used the term “sex offenders.” It was not until after reading the results of my survey that I changed the term to “violent
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pg. 301 audience analysis - Kelly Brown Audience Analysis...

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