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pg. 323 final self evaluation

pg. 323 final self evaluation - Kelly Brown R-110...

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Kelly Brown R-110 8/4/10 Self-Evaluation pg. 323 1. I think that I spent ample time researching my topic and providing practical examples on why violent sex offenders should be jailed for life. I made sure to include statistics that backed up my stories and my peer evaluations reflected that sentiment. 2. I believe that I chose strong ethical support. I did this by painting a vivid picture of the stories of Chelsea King and Amber Dubois and used statistics and snippets from interviews to address the need for this type of law to be enacted. The statistics confirmed that the killings of these two teens by repeat offender John Gardner were not just an isolated incident, but a real problem that needs to be fixed immediately. 3. I think that the parts of the Monroe’s Motivated Sequence were well developed because Professor Price mentioned that I made it very clear by the way my speech was set up that I was using this writing style.
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