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reading reflection 4 - they were at the peak of the boom...

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Kelly Brown Reading Reflection #4 BUS-X320 I thought this article about the resurgence in the manufacturing industry was very interesting because up until this point, I knew very little about it. Dealing with the economic crisis for the past few years has not been easy on most businesses and it seems like most of the time, all we have heard was bad news. This article was refreshing and shed a bit of hope that our economy is moving on an upward trend and that we will not be stuck in this dark place forever. Hearing that Cummins, Inc. is currently doing well is like a breath of fresh air for Hoosiers because it is a powerful Indiana company. While they’re exports are not quite where
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Unformatted text preview: they were at the peak of the boom two years ago, they are not far behind and that is very promising for company president Tom Linebarger. The article stated that while we are in an economic upswing now, sustainability of this recovery is a key concern for head company executives. Because consumers and businesses are still shaken from the recent economic crisis, they are cautious when making purchase decisions and sometimes even more cautious to believe that good numbers can and will be sustainable. I believe that the economy is doing substantially better than it was at the height of the economic crisis, but I think there is a lot more that can be done to strengthen it....
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