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self analysis pg 283

self analysis pg 283 - 5 I need to put more time into...

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Kelly Brown R-110 12866 One-Point Speech 1. Yes, I feel that I spent enough time researching evidence that would back up my assertions and evoke an emotional response from my audience. My survey showed that audience was split pretty evenly on both side of the topic and a few were unsure of their stance. This is why I tried to tug at their heart strings by telling them stories of Chelsea King and Amber Dubois. 2. I did use my evidence ethically. I made sure to cite all of my sources extensively, I did not plagiarize and I did not make up any of the information. 3. My assertions and support were logical because they were structured, well thought out and were the meat of the topic. I think that the evidence was logical for each assertion and I tried to put the most meaningful evidence into this speech despite the short time limit. 4. I do not think I used enough persuasive body language. I could do better at this by using more gestures and I could make better eye contact to try and connect with my audience.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. I need to put more time into making my note cards so that they are neat and organized. I have followed the speaking outline guidelines; however my extemporaneous style could improve. 6. I was very successful in achieving the time parameters because I practiced it beforehand and I made sure I gave just enough evidence to meet the time limits. I also tried to talk in a slower pace than normal, so that the audience would be able to understand the facts I was trying to present. 7. I think I was effective in evoking an emotional response with the audience, as well as keeping them intrigued. I could tell that I was effective in doing so because everyone’s comments seemed to reflect that. 8. I still have problems with eye contact and passion in my voice. I am going to try practicing in the mirror several more times before I give my next speech, as well as watch the video on my flash drive of Thursday’s speech to see where I need to add more inflection into my voice....
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