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Experimental piece - faced when he was a young man living...

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Experimental piece There was an extreme stillness with the remote and intermittent sound of the wind. The town of Rosewater was in the dead center of the country. It seemed like no one had set foot in this place for several decades. However, we had moved here for a reason, and we decided to stay no matter what. But of course that was offering a great deal, we knew that it would not be that easy in the first place. Thus gradually the organizational difficulties of emigrating, common to all started to befall us. The new place was serene and beautiful. The peaceful environment had originally attracted us to this place. We had a neighbor who, at first seemed very shy and distant. However, my mother accustomed to making lavish feasts, invited him to our house one day. Gradually, we became close to him. This is when he began relating his stories about the great difficulties he had
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Unformatted text preview: faced when he was a young man living here. The torments which he and his family had to face ten years ago seemed interesting of a story to listen to. He showed us around different places, the areas where great armies had fought. He took us to the building where scores of rioters had rushed from there to aid their fellows. It was magnificent to look at the history of the country which we were going to be a part of henceforth. He even took us to one of the great mountains famous for its rocks, in that greenish, rock he explained, he had luck. Our tour of this splendid new place had finally ended, and it had felt like, from the descriptions of our neighbor, as if we had still seen nothing. He promised to take us further into the northern areas of Rosewater and expose the deep dark secrets of his country....
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