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Dialogue He was beautiful. It seemed almost like a dream to me. Mike, my favorite customer used to come to my DVD shop every week. I longed to see him, his eyes staring at me with that dreamy smile. But I knew he would never like me, and I was right. On one of his days to my shop, he came with his best friend Ray. They were arguing about this girl he had met; Mike: I know she’s nice, but so what? Everyone’s nice these days. Ray (going through new releases): Yes, but she is like your perfect girl, she has that personality which you were always looking or in a girl. Mike: No! You really think she is like that? I mean I don’t know her that well but I don’t think she seems like ‘The One’ I just wanted him to look at me, I knew I was looking good, but all he could talk about was that girl, whom he did not even like. Ray: I think you should give her another chance, talk to her, and get to know her better. Mike (noticing me for the first time made me beam from inside but it all seemed like a big
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Unformatted text preview: dream): I guess you are right, Hey! Rebecca, I haven’t seen you since so long, how is everything? Rebecca: Hey Mike, I am great! Yea I have been around, busy with the store, you know how it is. Mike (giving me another smile, I was not sure if he was talking about me or that girl he had met, but I just wanted to stop thinking and let the conversation go by itself): That’s great, it’s good to stay busy, and anyway, we will get these DVDs and hopefully would see that pretty face next week? Rebecca: Umm, that would be twenty dollars, would you guys like anything else? Mike: No, thanks a lot, have a great day and take care of yourself, I know you haven’t been getting enough sleep. I wasn’t sure, if he was complimenting me or criticizing about my looks, I did not care then. They left, and I was all alone, again sitting in my small shop staring at the box of DVDs I had to unwrap....
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