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lonely orphan - Yusra Muhammad Short story The lonely...

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Yusra Muhammad Short story The lonely orphan She squeezed my hand and looked around. I could feel the fear on her face but could not comprehend why she was scared. I wanted to enjoy every moment with her that day, for it was those beautiful days of the month when my mother was off from work. The day could not have gotten better for me. She took me to the park, and we were there for a good hour. The smile on her face just made me want to hug her even more than usual. I could feel how happy she was, to finally be around her only son. It was getting dark, and I could feel the apprehension clouding her face. I was too young to understand what was wrong, but I just wanted to tell her how much I loved her and that everything would be all right. As we were making our way towards the slowly emptying mall, I told her to slow down as my tiny legs were starting to hurt. She started to run, if only I had known why she was running, I could have tried saving her. All of a sudden gun shots were heard, and I saw my mother fall with a drastic thud. Startled at the blood gushing out of her chest, I tried pulling her up. Confused at what was going on I heard the sirens ringing in my ears---I woke up, staring blankly at the neon sign which shone outside from my window. Twenty years had passed since my mother had been shot. The nightmares used to haunt
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lonely orphan - Yusra Muhammad Short story The lonely...

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