Monologue - mean the “brotherly love” which you talk about but something a lot more than that I have felt it often the way you look at me when

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Monologue “The room seemed dark and suffocating when I had finished yelling at her. I just wanted to shut her up, tell her that her mere presence irritated me. She cried, and any man who really loves his wife would console her but I could not stand that shrill voice anymore. I left the room, with anger raging inside me. The air in the house was driving me crazy so I planned to leave for the night. I had nowhere to go, no money on my hands to even think about renting out a place. I thought about coming over to your place, but Catherine you know how your sister is. The first person she would have called is you. I sometimes think, whether God really made you sisters. You know how you are so different from her. I have always felt like you have loved me, I don’t
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Unformatted text preview: mean the “brotherly love”, which you talk about but something a lot more than that. I have felt it often, the way you look at me when Julia is not around, the way you take care of me and listen to what I say. Unlike your sister, who only wants the money when I get home and never really looks back at how I am, and what I need. I wish I had listened to my mother when she told me to marry you. Your sister was the one who approached me and deviously seduced me into marrying her. Even though I should not say this to you, but I can’t help it. I am so fed up of her immaturity and self centered attitude. I know it is my fault since I was the one who went for the looks and not the personality, and now I regret my decision from the very bottom of my heart.”...
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