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Creative writing essay - One Act play Yusra Muhammad...

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One Act play Yusra Muhammad [Psychologist’s office, Anthony enters and has been told to make himself comfortable on the couch, Betty sitting on the opposite side, with a notepad, greets him] Betty: Hi! How are you today? Anthony: Hey, I am OK, I guess…umm (he hesitates). Betty: Awe, what’s wrong? You look tired. Anthony: Yea I guess I am, you know how a busy day goes, I feel like today is just not my day. Betty: Hmm (she scribbles on her notepad), well tell me exactly how you feel? Anthony: It’s just things at home. Nothing is going well. I am just having a hard time coping with everything. Betty: You might want to elaborate more on that. What do you mean when you say EVERYTHING? Anthony: Ahh I don’t know exactly what is bothering me more, my wife or things at work. Betty: Oh, hmm…(more scribbling) well, I am all ears, tell me everything. [Anthony walks to the water cooler, drinks water and then comes back to the couch. He lies down and resumes] Anthony: It all began last Thursday, my wife and I had a HUGE fight, she tells me she is pregnant. You understand PREGNANT! I mean what the hell man? I told her I don’t want a STUPID baby. Betty: Tell me what was exactly going through your head then? I mean I know you were mad
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Creative writing essay - One Act play Yusra Muhammad...

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