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The clock struck 1 am

The clock struck 1 am - Yusra Muhammad Short third person...

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Yusra Muhammad Short third person piece The clock struck 1 am, and Jacob still could not fall asleep. The room was dark and the rain had made it even sulkier. He could still hear some of the guys partying down the hall. The music was so loud that it made the floor vibrate. He wanted to go out, feast his eyes on the girls dancing there-a knock on the door made him loose his trail of thoughts. It was Simona; “Hey Jacob, you want to come party with us? I know you want to, I just don’t understand why you would just sit around like that on a Thursday night.” She said, looking around the room trying to focus in the dark. “Nah, you guys go ahead, I have to sleep early, and I got an exam tomorrow.” he said. “Well whatever suits you, I was just talking about how amazing this party is turning out to be.” she said giggling with the guy she was standing. They left, leaving the door ajar. Jacob knew that if he went now he would never be able to wake up early for his interview. Slowly getting out of his bed he peeked into the hallway, the party looked very tempting. He thought about his parents,
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