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Creative writing poem

Creative writing poem - Not even having the money to quench...

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Muhammad 1 Yusra Muhammad ENGL 300 09.13.2010 The gift of food It is a trivial thing indeed To which most of us do not heed There are people crying for it Most of them dyeing for it However, most people do not think twice When they throw away their stock of rice I was one of those people who never realised That it was such an important part of our lives The importance of food only comes insight When one is broke and hunger strikes.
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Unformatted text preview: Not even having the money to quench their thirst Then they realize they should’ve thanked God first. Muhammad 2 They see others eating and wish they could have the same The hunger makes them think if times could be the same But when god finally bestows his people with the food They tend to appreciate each and every meal. Muhammad 3...
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