10-15 Protists

10-15 Protists - 10/13/2010 Protist: paraphyletic...

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10/13/2010 1 PROTISTS Chapter 28.1 -28.4 Pp 575-590 Protist : paraphyletic eukaryotes Name change from Kingdom Protista similarities not with others but w/ fungi, Structure, function, S & F diversity, Fig. 28-01 1 μm Diversity Relatively few generalizations can be made about protists Like bacteria, archaea and viruses intimate contact with environment, functions carried out at level of membranes, molecules but also organelles vs organs of higher forms Nutritionally diverse: mixotrophs, phototrophs
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10/13/2010 2 Eukaryote evolution Endosymbiosis : Alpha proteobacteria engulfed as mitochondrion, cyanobacteria as chloroplast Secondary endosymbiosis by red & green algae Evidence: food vacuoles- heterotrophic eukaryote engulfed alga: photosynthesis DNA in vestigal nucleus (nucleomorph) and multilayers of membranes Fig. 28-02-2 Cyanobacterium Heterotrophic eukaryote Over the course of evolution, this membrane was lost. Red alga Green alga Primary endosymbiosis Secondary endosymbiosis Secondary endosymbiosis Secondary endosymbiosis Plastid Dinoflagellates Apicomplexans Stramenopiles Plastid Euglenids Chlorarachniophytes Five supergroups of eukaryotes Molecular systematics: gene sequencing Evolutionary history of eukaryotes in a state of flux it is uncertain at best. Exciting times for those who study them: chances for discovery & understanding is high! Fig. 28-03a Alveolate s Stramenopiles Diplomonads Parabasalids Euglenozoans Dinoflagel ates Apicomplexan s Ciliates Diatoms Golden algae Brown algae Oomycetes Excavata Chromalveolata Rhizaria Chlorarachniophytes Forams Radiolarians Archaeplastida Red algae Chlorophytes Charophyceans Land plants Unikonta Slime molds Gymnamoebas Entamoebas Nucleari ds Fungi Choanoflagel ates Animals
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10-15 Protists - 10/13/2010 Protist: paraphyletic...

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